cf. Parapetasia femorata Bolívar, 1884


Brief Description


Distribution: Cameroon, Gabon, Western Africa


Stock from: Cameroon

Size: ♂: ca 35 mm, ♀: ca 50 mm

General care: 25-30°C, 60-70% rLf


Feeding: bramble, Asclepias spp., carotte, kohlrabi and its leaves


Breeding: Oviposition into the substrate. We do not have further experiences with this species.

from Bolivar 1884, type ♀
from Bolivar 1884, type ♀


Taxonomy: Adult males and females are apterous (no wings are visible). The female that was described by Bolivar 1884 from Gabon do not have wings (Elytris minutissimis subpronoto obtectis..). The description of Bolivar fits well with our stock from Cameroon.


Parapetasia femorata rammei Sjöstedt, 1923 that was synonymised with Parapetasia femorata has wings in both males and females. They cover about one third of the abdomen. Similar specimens were imported from Cameroon as well.