Prosarthria teretrirostris (Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1890)


Taxonomic note:


Lakin (2008) wrote

"Prosarthria teretrirostris originated from Ecuador

in the 1990's and was brought into culture by Peter

Grabowitz. It is abundant on the edges of forests.

Females of P. teretrirostris reach 12cm long and the

smaller males of these species are the more colourful of

the sexes, with yellow, blue and green markings. This

species has also been circulated under the name of

'Proscopia luceomaculata' however there appears to be

no reference to this name in the systematic literature

and therefore it is suggested that there is no taxonomic

justification for naming the species as P. luceomaculata.

In fact recent close examination of the species currently

in culture has revealed that it does not appear to be

Prosarthria teretrirostris after all, but rather a new

species of Prosarthria!"


Dr. Alba Bentos-Pereira confirms the belonging of this stock to the species Paraproscopia riedei (in litt.).